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Celebrate Earth Day - Orgen Nutraceuticals

Celebrate Earth Day

How does one celebrate Earth Day? Volunteering at an Earth Day event or community program would be the common idea that comes to mind. However, for most of us who have work, school, kids, or other obligations, finding the time to do this may be impossible. But you don’t have to plant a tree or spend your afternoon picking up litter in a field to pay homage to our Earth for its wonders. There are simple but sweet things that you can do to make this Earth Day special for you, your kids, and of course, Mother Earth herself!




It's never to late to start recycling

If you don’t already recycle, Earth Day would be a great time to start! You can find out online at your city or town’s website which day recyclables are usually picked up. Many areas will also offer free recycle bins for plastics and cardboard/paper recyclables.

It is important to remember that not all plastics and cardboards will be able to be recycled. Plastic food containers must be cleaned well prior to placing them in the recycle bin or they will not be eligible for refinery. Likewise, pizza boxes most often contain food remnants stuck on the bottom so they cannot be repurposed either.




Choose alternatives to plastics

Every time plastic is repurposed it breaks down, which means that microplastics end up anywhere you can think of. Recently scientists have even found traces of microplastics in human blood.

These days almost all foods and consumer goods are made with or packaged in some sort of plastic, so avoiding plastics completely would be nearly impossible. Don’t get discouraged though- choosing alternatives to plastic anywhere possible still helps. If you’re planning on doing some shopping this Earth Day, consider using a reusable shopping tote rather than plastic grocery bags. Rather than buying plastic bottled water, invest a few extra dollars in a stainless-steel water bottle or thermos that you can reuse time and time again. Finally, opt for products that are packaged in paper, cardboard, or glass packaging rather than plastic containers if possible.



Enjoy the outdoors

There’s no better way to celebrate the Earth than spending some time outdoors. Take a calming walk through the park and enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass. Listen to the wind. Count the clouds in the sky. Take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the breeze on your face. The outdoors isn’t just am empty space between buildings and houses but rather a place to relax and reflect on all things. So, this Earth Day, be sure to get outside and take advantage of all the beautiful scenery that our Mother Earth has given us.